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Written by - Daniel Shale

Unlocking creativity: How we harness AI for Design at MG Empower.


Knowing how to use AI is a bit like having superpowers. From the mundane to the absolutely insane, tools like Midjourney and Photoshop AI have given designers the ability to create literally anything; impossible objects, imagined products, images of people who’ve never existed… Easier, faster and with more flexibility than ever before. 

It really is a revolution – and our designers areat the forefront of this movement. They have been infusing AI into their creative process since it entered the scene, so we thought we’d sit down with our Senior Designer, Ahmad Malouk, to give you a glimpse of his AI-powered process. 

Here’s what we talk about:

  • Tips and tricks for maximising AI’s potential. Used alone, AI tools are cool. But when you combine them, they’re magic.
  • Superpowers at every stage. From experimentation to execution and even client briefs, there’s potential to add an AI perspective at every stage.
  • Can AI images ever be unique? Ahmad discusses ethical concerns over art and ownership, and shares his recipe for creating something new. 

Unleashing the Magic of AI in Design

Ahmad, as our Senior Designer, is no stranger to the wonders of AI. His favourite AI tool for design is Midjourney, and he firmly believes that rather than being a threat to designers, it empowers them to reach new creative heights. AI’s integration into the design process has added immense value, just as the invention of the camera didn’t replace painters but opened up new artistic possibilities. “It’s like having a powerful external hard disk that we can link to our brain to collaborate and generate amazing stuff,” he says. 

With Midjourney, execution becomes seamless, and brainstorming sessions are elevated to new levels of productivity. And Photoshop AI, even in its beta stage, has been instrumental in refining mockups and ideation. When you use them together, Ahmad says, you become virtually unstoppable.

“Lately, we’ve been using Midjourney a lot in pitching and creating mockups. But anyone who’s given it a go knows that the results are rarely precise. That’s part of what AI is so amazing – unexpected outcomes can be inspiring! But when you’re really making it a part of your workflow, you can’t be trying fifty different prompts to get the result you want. It’s simply not an efficient use of time.”

That’s why you need to combine tools. For example, by using Midjourney to get halfway there and then taking your image to Photoshop where you can move it over the line. With its latest in-built AI features, you can select the stuff you don’t want and it will just remove it for you. Equally, you can add text, objects, backgrounds, and tweak and edit just as you normally would with Photoshop. 

Supercharging Every Stage of the Design Process

At MG Empower, AI is not confined to a specific stage of the design process; it’s an omnipresent ally from experimentation to execution and even client briefs. Ahmad highlights how AI, particularly Midjourney, is a game-changer during the brainstorming stage. “It helps us generate more ideas visually, fueling our creative flow.” Visualising concepts becomes effortless, leading to more innovative solutions for web design and other projects.

AI has also proven invaluable in helping clients write briefs for designers, enabling brands to communicate their vision more effectively. Indeed, Ahmad is a huge advocate for educating clients on using AI tools to provide visual references and precise ideas, streamlining communication and minimising errors. “Imagine the time you save doing this,” he adds.

That’s another amazing thing about AI: people with zero design skills have suddenly been given a way to create professional-looking images, in any style, almost instantaneously – simply by typing in a bit of text. And what better way to communicate with designers than visually? 

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Crafting Unique Styles: The Intersection of Art and AI

AI’s capabilities in generating visuals have led to discussions about the uniqueness and ethics of design styles. 

“If I generate something in Midjourney and it’s really close to someone’s style, it’s like taking someone’s work. Sometimes you literally see an artist’s signature. That’s a huge part of the conversation, and I obviously completely agree that taking the work of another artist is abhorrent. But I also think it’s important to recognise that you can create unique styles with Midjourney.”

‘Imagine’ is the most well-known prompt on Midjourney. But ‘combine’, Ahmad says, is a less-talked-about prompt that’s just as, if not more, powerful. Because by merging images, you can create entirely new styles, truly original images, incredible typography and so much more. 

Embracing the AI Revolution

At MG Empower, we understand that the future of design lies in embracing the AI revolution. We believe AI is not just a tool but a transformative force that enables us to explore new artistic frontiers and deliver innovative solutions to our clients. By leveraging tools like Midjourney and Photoshop AI, our designers are empowered to unleash their creativity fully. 

As we continue to harness AI’s potential, we remain committed to ethical and responsible AI use, respecting the intersection of art and technology. With AI as our ally, we are confident that we can unlock even greater creativity, and leave a lasting impact.

Interested in discovering how AI can elevate your brand’s design journey? Reach out to us at MG Empower, and let’s embark on a creative revolution together.

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Untitled design (9) (1)
Unlocking creativity: How we harness AI for Design at MG Empower.

Knowing how to use AI is a bit like having superpowers...

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