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This podcast is your key to the fast-paced world of influencer marketing and beyond. Made for brands that want to stay current, keep growing and get inspired as the experts that matter reflect on the industry from an exciting array of perspectives.


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Pin it! The definitive guide to mastering Pinterest.

How is Pinterest, the visual inspiration engine, becoming the ultimate marketplace for brands and consumers alike?
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Ayati Dash

Attitude has no age: This 10-year-old is making a Metaverse to empower women.

Aayati Dash is only ten years old, but with a veracious attitude and incredible vision, she’s proving that sometimes kids really should be in charge.
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YT Maya

Big waves: And the world record goes to…

Maya Gabeira, Big Wave Surfer & Environmental Activist, doesn’t usually go on podcasts. So we are incredibly privileged to have her on the show as she revives her brave trajectory in pursuit of passion...
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Fashion & sustainability: Making buzzwords matter.

Sustainability is the fashion world’s favourite buzzword. But what does it really mean? And more importantly, how should brands be talking about it? Content creators Brett and Scott Staniland weigh in.
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edu youtube cover

The favela power: inspiration from Brazil to the world.

Gerando Falcōes is changing the realities of millions of people in the favelas (slums) of Brazil. In this episode, Founder Edu Lyra shares its inspiring story of international growth and incredible social impact.
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YT cover durey

Making the unpredictable, predictable: Data, data, data!

The future is data. From a pandemic scenario, to one of the biggest technological revolutions, life seems to have never raced at such high speed. Along with Michael Duray, Head of Marketing at Samsung UK, our hosts dive into a dynamic conversation about the topics that are shaking the world of business and beyond. On a short trip to the past, they analyse and discuss data power, the latest AI advancements, the fluidity between online and offline, and more, connect the dots between consumer behaviour trends, proving that when you’ve got the right data – and you know how to interpret it – you can quite literally see the future!
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Let’s get Pintentional: Unpacking the healthy relationship between brands and consumers on Pinterest.

Explore how Pinterest builds intentional relationships between brands and consumers.

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Tropicália revived: Unraveling the threads of PatBO’s SS24 show at NYFW.

Recently, our US team worked with PatBo, one of Latin America's most prestigious haute couture brands...

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Attitude has no age: This 10-year-old has designed her own metaverse platform.

A new metaverse is about to land on the scene, and this one’s been designed by Aayati Dash...

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Four simple steps to building a thriving and effective brand community.

‘Brand community’ is the buzzword of the moment (and the last few years). I hate buzzwords. So let’s try and make it measurable and actionable, shall we?

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Influencers breathe life into Fashion Week: Look inside Copenhagen with MG Talent, Elisa Zarzur.

“[At Copenhagen Fashion Week] the attitude is different...

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Untitled design (9) (1)
Unlocking creativity: How we harness AI for Design at MG Empower.

Knowing how to use AI is a bit like having superpowers...

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Untitled design (8)
Threads enters the chat: Everything you need to know about Meta’s Twitter contender.

As an integrated marketing agency passionate about social media and influencer marketing...

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Inside the Barbie x Tangle Teezer campaign: Great hair starts with imagination.

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? To play with your toys – and your imagination...

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Cannes Lions 2023: Connecting the dots between co-creation, data and storytelling.

Another Cannes Lions, another mind-altering experience...

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Media Transformations and the Rise of Connected TV.

It’s now been over a week since we’ve returned back from Cannes Lions...

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