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In this thought-provoking podcast, MG Empower sits down with a diverse range of global experts, creators and industry insiders to dive into their experiences and expertise in the marketing space – and beyond.


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Viral Comedian Esse Menino on Why Brands Should Take Creative Risks.

In the latest episode of #BeyondMarketingThePodcast we sat down with Brazilian comedy sensation Esse Menino to talk about why the key to creating successful branded content is being honest and taking creative risks. Oh, and according to Esse, ‘being hot’. A legend of our times, Esse shot to fame in 2021 with his uniquely camp […]
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Disabled: inspiration for all, game-changing opportunities for the industry.

Meet this powerhouse creator who's dedicated to showing the world her life as a disabled person through lighthearted, inspirational content.
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It takes two to tango! Increasing the power of influence.

Denis Colak & Nimi Blackwell, two successful creators who have joined forces to become a powerful and dynamic duo...
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Pin it! The definitive guide to mastering Pinterest.

How is Pinterest, the visual inspiration engine, becoming the ultimate marketplace for brands and consumers alike?
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Ayati Dash

Attitude has no age: This 10-year-old is making a Metaverse to empower women.

Aayati Dash is only ten years old, but with a veracious attitude and incredible vision, she’s proving that sometimes kids really should be in charge.
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YT Maya

Big waves: And the world record goes to…

Maya Gabeira, Big Wave Surfer & Environmental Activist, doesn’t usually go on podcasts. So we are incredibly privileged to have her on the show as she revives her brave trajectory in pursuit of passion...
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A Snapchat Masterclass: New Opportunities for Content Creators.

Tips and insights on Snapchat’s game-changing creator features, based on a masterclass by Emily McDonnell, Head of Creator Partnerships UK at Snapchat.

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November content.
Content Squads: A Reactive-First Approach to Influencer Marketing.

Content squads are teams of storytellers who pitch and create content for your brand, on their own schedule.

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Three Reasons Why Your Brand Needs an Effective Community-Building Strategy.

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, having a thriving community is more important than ever.

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The Power-Up Series 2023: Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition, and a Potential Solution to the Data Privacy Problem.

Has hyper personalisation gone too far? Our third and final deep-dive into the Power-Up Series is all about data and the new age of consumer experience.

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The Power-Up Series 2023: Two Lessons in Co-Creation with Experts from Nestlé and Business Insider. 

Why intentions and uncomfortable truths are crucial for effective co-creation, plus an unexpected trip to the moon.

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The Power-Up Series 2023: Transforming Databases into Thriving Communities with Experts from Canva, TikTok and Chief UK

Have you ever wondered what truly sets a brand apart in today's digital age? What makes a brand more than just a name but a thriving, interconnected community? Find out the answers in our latest blog.

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IMG_8820-min 2
Panel discussion: The creative industry through the lens of Black creatives.

To celebrate Black History Month this year, we shone the spotlight on three amazing people, diving into their journeys and career paths to get to the bottom of what the creative industry looks like through the lens of Black creatives.

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The Power-Up Series is back – get ready for the 6th edition.

Learn how to effectively build brand communities in 2024 at The Power-Up Series. Get ready for a jam-packed evening of panels, canapés and networking at our incredible HQ.

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We’re the agency behind that Bumble x Jane Boulton campaign.

Explore how we created a viral campaign that connected Bumble's users around the world.

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firmbee-com-gcsNOsPEXfs-unsplash (1)
Navigating 2024: Key Predictions to Elevate Your Brand Strategy

Discover which trends our in-house experts say are going to shape brand strategies in 2024.

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