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This podcast is your key to the fast-paced world of influencer marketing and beyond. Made for brands that want to stay current, keep growing and get inspired as the experts that matter reflect on the industry from an exciting array of perspectives.


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Connecting with India: Influencer marketing across the globe.

Come with us on a global journey as we zoom into the creator economy in India, the most populated country with the second biggest online market in the world, through the expert eyes of a rising Gen Z influencer: Anahita Karanjiia. Anahita joins our hosts directly from Mumbai for an enlightening conversation, revealing the ins and outs of an inspiring collaborative culture and a globally connected influencer marketing landscape. And Bollywood, of course, couldn’t NOT be mentioned!
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Thirty years in fifty minutes: Key trends to watch according to a futurist

We build our future in the present. And researchers are already looking as far as 2050 to identify the trends that will dictate life, culture and everything in between – so you’d better start listening! Kicking off Season 3, our hosts welcome to the studio Trend Forecaster, Futurist and Content Director at Stylus, Katie Baron. Together, they analyse and explore such groundbreaking trends as adaptive entertainment, sensorial experiences and what the industry’s calling ‘the metaphysical flex’. This episode will make you want to sit back with a cup of tea and a notepad.
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ep 13

How are women’s empowerment and leadership transforming the business landscape?

Join us for the final episode of season 2 of the #InfluencerMarketingUncovered Podcast, where we sit down with three trailblazing women in the Creator Economy: celebrity makeup artist and entrepreneur Holly Connolly, MG Empower Founder and President Maira Genovese, and MG Talent Talent Manager Carmela Contarino. These inspiring women share their personal stories and insights on elevating women's voices and creating a more empowering and inclusive business landscape.
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ep 12

Breaking stereotypes in a male-dominated industry.

The Creator Economy is rapidly changing the status quo, bringing powerful female voices to even the most male-dominated industries. In this inspiring episode, we have an honest, in-depth conversation with Tisha Alyn, professional golfer, creator and activist voice for women and the LBGTQ+ community, in conservative and male-dominant industries. Join us to see the influencer marketing landscape from a new perspective, as we talk about responsible content and creative freedom through the lens of this empowering athlete's personal journey.
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ep 11

Onboarding non-gaming audiences into immersive experiences.

One of the hottest trending questions in the marketing industry is “How can we successfully place brand activations on new digital spaces, such as the Metaverse?”. While it's hard to provide all the answers at this early stage, there are still important insights we can already consider. In this episode, the Director of Innovation & Creative Partnerships of Yahoo Creative Studios, Sam Field, joins us for a practical conversation exploring some of his insights, including a perspective on real-world cases and campaigns, and touching on the Metaverse Fashion Week.
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ep 10

Does your brand need a community?

Fostering community has become a top priority for consumer brands, but is it ultimately necessary? In this episode, we welcome Manouska Jeantus, Community Lead at Miro, former Community Engagement Leader at Glossier, as we engage in a conversation tapping into the real meaning of community, and how in practice customer experience is at the core of delighting the consumer to turn them into brand advocates. Furthermore, they dive into unexpected new ways of co-creation and collaboration with brand consumers and community, on and offline.
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Working with influencers 101: Respect, Reward, Re-engage.

Today’s brandscape is obsessed with influencers. From generating conversions and connections to creating cultural credibility in ever narrower niches, the value they represent to brands and businesses just keeps growing.

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De-influencing: why it’s not just another buzzword.

Unless you’ve been living on a desert island or under a rock, you’ll have heard the word ‘de-influencing’ flying around the social sphere...

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Stories_Let’s talk about Dora Atim
Let’s talk about Dora Atim: Nike running coach, community leader, MG Talent.

Dora Atim, a rising influencer, Nike running coach, athlete, and mentor to young people in sports, sat down with us to share her story...

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Stories_Fashion in focus
Fashion in focus: 2023 trend projections.

In fashion, life is often defined by the changing of the day, month, season and, most importantly, year. And as years go, 2022 was an interesting one to say the least...

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tech in focus 1
Tech in focus: 2023 trend projections.

AI is coming. You know it and we’re a month late telling you about it. Here’s a summary of what every 2023 trend outlining AI has said...

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social in focus 1
Social in focus: 2023 trend projections.

Where does one even start with social media in 2022? BeReal got huge, AI went mainstream & TikTok grew even bigger...

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beauty in focus 1
Beauty in focus: 2023 trend projections.

In the world of beauty, 2022 was the year of juxtapositions and micro trends...

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How can brands jump into direct to avatar [D2A] commerce?

Direct to avatar (D2A) commerce is a relatively new concept, having only emerged on the market in...

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Is the social entertainment era reshaping influencer marketing?

It’s no secret that social media platforms are constantly evolving; be that a new algorithm,...

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Sustainability and marketing: how do influencers amplify a brand’s impact?

In the age of social media, where consumers are more vocal than ever and transparent...

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