About Us.

We are a digital marketing powerhouse

With our eyes on the future, our vision is limitless. 

By disrupting the traditional marketing model, we use the power of digital and influencers’ cultural voices to create, produce, distribute and amplify unique social campaigns that connect with your target audiences, delivering genuine cultural impact, conversations and uplifting performance.

Empower your brand to go above and beyond. 


Our history.

As told by our Founder and President Maira Genovese.

I believe entrepreneurship is all about empowering empathy, and this is the basis on which I founded MG Empower.

I moved to London in 2005 leaving behind a successful career in Brazil to restart from scratch. I took huge risks and dived into the deep end. While facing this challenging journey, I always felt the need to go my own way and pursue my unique vision: empowering inclusive, real, and relatable connections. Empowering people.

Driven by this vision, I started MG Empower in a coffee shop in 2017. Since then, we have evolved from a global influencer marketing agency to a full-service global digital powerhouse, built to connect businesses with key opinion leaders in the realm of digital marketing. We now work with some of the most innovative brands of the world, developing smart strategies to position them in the intersection of culture and creativity.

Empathy continues as our motto; we bring heart to everything we do.

“My vision of empowering others is reflected in every detail of our agency from our name to our mission. We empower brands by engaging authentic voices of influence, driving digital innovation to engage with global communities at scale.”

Maira Genovese


As told by our General Manager Bruno Genovese.

I believe creativity, innovation and human emotion are the main ingredients for growth.

I am a banker turned marketer. In my corporate career, I have led billion-pound businesses to double-digit growth and built two digital start-up banks from scratch. My passion and focus have always been to create innovative products, services and communications that attract new clients and generate exponential business results.

In 2021 I joined MG Empower as CEO, to focus on innovation and growth strategy for our team and clients, leading the agency expansion path. With a clear vision and solid values, we empower fast-growing businesses to reach new audiences, expand to new markets and build their brands through the power of digital marketing innovation, co-creation and influencer marketing.


Our culture.

Passionate. Determined. Insatiably curious about the potential of evolving technology. We are an international team bound together by a shared culture and clear purpose.


Our mission.

Help brands create authentic connections with global audiences in the digital age.

Empowering people.

We believe in the power of human connections. We empower brands and individuals to influence attitudes, decisions and beliefs. Creativity and human spark are the main foundation of everything we do.

Customers are people, and not purely numbers. People connect with people, genuine storytelling and real emotions.

Empowering excellence.

We set the bar high and stand up for what we believe in.

From procuring the right influencers to designing creative strategies, we combine the same powerful approach: forward-thinking ideas meet meticulous execution.

We are not afraid to push boundaries and challenge the status quo to deliver outstanding results.

Empowering diversity & inclusivity.

Different ideas. Different perspectives. Different cultures. Diversity isn’t a catchphrase. For us, it’s a core strength. Our diversity gives us the understanding to take your brand message across the world. As a diverse and multicultural team, we pride ourselves on being globally collaborative, integrated and inclusive.