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Making the Barbie x Tangle Teezer brush iconic with a 360° social and IRL campaign.

When Barbie and Tangle Teezer launched a new brush together, they saw an opportunity to tap into a new audience to become the collaboration of the moment. But to do so, they needed a strategy to capture their synergies and maximise awareness, affinity and social buzz. MG Empower ran a 360° campaign spanning social, digital and IRL – combining the efforts of our Studio, Influencer and Strategy teams, as well as a host of mega talents and influencers, to make it iconic.



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Make the Barbie x Tangle Teezer brush iconic by leaning into brand synergies – and a narrative that’s all about the power of imagination.

Tangle Teezer had an opportunity to make an impact by leaning into their unique synergies with a standout message: Great hair starts with imagination. Our challenge was to creatively communicate and amplify this to a millennial audience through a series of high-impact digital assets and IRL experiences to be deployed across all the right channels, in all the right moments.





Position the Barbie x Tangle Teezer brush as a vehicle for empowering consumers to be whoever they want to be.

It’s not enough to have a hot pink product or rely on gimmicks. Instead, you have to prove the unique value of your product. For Tangle Teezer, that meant taking a fresh approach to one of Barbie’s most quintessential features: her hair. So, throughout this campaign, we leaned heavily on the transformative powers for which both brands are renowned. Giving consumers permission to bask in the world of infinite possibilities by entering the universe that Barbie and Tangle Teezer have created together.





The Cannes Film Festival activation: Bridging the gap between IRL and digital through immersive product seeding.

We saw huge potential in the Cannes Film Festival as the perfect environment to start building hype. So, we produced an exclusive lunch at the Carlton Beach Club, featuring UGC-inspiring moments such as a life-sized Barbie box and individually tailored gift boxes, which was attended by carefully selected global icons – including Marina Ruy Barbosa, Alessandra Ambrosio and Xenia Adonts – who we asked to amplify the experience across their owned channels.


The digital campaign: Bringing the product to life with a high-impact, audio-visual strategy.

When constructing a Barbie dreamland right in our Studio, we were guided by the collaboration’s core themes and narrative elements: playfulness, inclusivity, empowerment, and unbridled self-confidence. Script and set came together to create a playground for the imagination, including a neon portal, generous splashes of the signature Barbie pink, and an empowering message that asked audiences to unashamedly indulge in a bit of self-love – why not be a little extra? Within this world, our diverse range of talents could live out their imagination to show how, with the simple stroke of the new hairbrush, they can transform into whoever they want to be.


A new universe, cohesively communicated to make the Barbie x Tangle Teezer the top-selling hairbrush in its launch month.

From the event in Cannes to the campaign video and beyond, a cohesive narrative was built, executed and amplified to ensure the launch of Tangle Teezer and Barbie’s new brush was truly iconic. In the first month since, sales in key markets have propelled the product to bestselling status at various retailers.

Product seeding and UGC moments at the event encouraged a wealth of extended coverage, with the instantaneous and immersive nature of the event itself proving to be the ideal backdrop against which to start building hype, pre-launch. Each moment was timed perfectly around the product’s official launch, which was synchronised with the release of the video we created, maximising engagement with a global audience that totalled 65.1M thanks to the influencers’ combined platforms.

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