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MG Studio.

Bringing stories
to life.

MG Studio is our dedicated creative hub for content and experiential production. We bring stories and experiences to life in virtual and real worlds – anywhere in the world – with the support of our studios in London and New York.


A creative hub providing everything your brand needs to make an impact, from strategy to concept
to execution.


Art direction

Social content conception and storyboarding

Content development



Our expertise.

Our in-house studio is a blank canvas that can be adapted for any creative need. Let your imagination run wild and we’ll make it happen.


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Take production beyond the studio. We’re a mobile team that can produce groundbreaking content anywhere in the world.

We push the boundaries of design, experience and brand storytelling so your brand shows up in the most immersive and engaging ways.

Creative energy and state-of-the-art technology empower this team of makers to explore new ideas, experiment with new media and bring your brand seamlessly into new spaces – like the metaverse.




MG Influencer.

Telling brand stories.

End-to-end influencer marketing strategies. We tap into audiences by connecting the dots between your brand and creators who are good at telling your story.


MG Media.
MG Studio.
MG Platform.
MG Sprint.

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