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Podcast Production.

Inspire audiences everywhere.

We start and grow binge-worthy podcasts for talents and businesses around the globe. Our podcast production experts define strategy, find and book guests, produce the audio, promote the podcast and much more.


Art directors, sound technicians, set designers and beyond – the MG Studio team is capable of anything for your brand.

Professional-grade audio, visual and production equipment means everything we do is of the highest quality.

Highest quality.

Take your podcast to the next level with our smart in-house studio, a versatile space that can be transformed to look like your brand (or whatever you want).


We did it for us, so we can do it for you.

Tune into our #InfluencerMarketingUncovered Podcast to see our broadcasting expertise for yourself.



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MG Sprint.

Co-create your next solution, fast.

Our bespoke co-creation service helps brands and businesses innovate quickly by activating a three-day immersive workshop with an all-star team of collaborators.


MG Sprint

How can we empower your brand?


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