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MG Sprint.

Co-create your next solution, fast.

We help brands and businesses innovate quickly by activating an all-star team of subject matter experts, creatives and influencers in a three-day immersive workshop. Influencers engage their communities to validate ideas in real-time – so you see impact even before you ‘press play.’

Think bigger.

Think bigger.

MG Sprint is designed for brands in need of a different perspective. Whether it’s a new brand, product or strategy, co-creating with a diverse team from outside your organisation unlocks new ideas and allows you to solve more complex challenges.

Innovate faster.

Nothing beats a good conversation. Having the right people in the room, with access to influencers’ highly engaged audiences (and our advanced social listening tools) means you can do it better, smarter and faster. Planning your next solution takes days, not months.

See tangible results, immediately.

As part of the MG Sprint process, our creative teams (graphic designers, copywriters, coders and beyond) develop physical and digital prototypes of your solution on-the-go. So you can see, taste and touch your new product, brand or strategy from the moment it’s conceived. 




What can you do with
MG Sprint?


Develop a new brand.

Build a new product.

Enter new markets.

Agile marketing pivots.

+ Anything else you can imagine. 


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What happens next?

As an integrated marketing powerhouse, the end of a Sprint isn’t THE end. We can fully execute and launch your new solution by activating our teams across MG Influencer, MG Media, MG Studio, MG Platform and MG Talent.




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Telling brand stories.

End-to-end influencer marketing strategies. We tap into audiences by connecting the dots between your brand and creators who are good at telling your story.


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