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Written by - Daniel Shale

Threads enters the chat: Everything you need to know about Meta’s Twitter contender.


As an integrated marketing agency passionate about social media and influencer marketing, we’re always on the lookout for new platforms that can revolutionise the way brands interact with their audiences. Threads, Meta’s latest big venture, has been making headlines and capturing the attention of millions of users worldwide. 

Whether it’s going to change the way we use and perceive social media and bring the world into the era of decentralisation, however, is yet to be seen. Our Head of Media, Lucy Walker, isn’t holding her breath. 

“At the moment, Threads is going to be a watch-and-see kind of platform. It surpassed 100 millions users in five days, which we’ve never seen happen before, but the question remains: how many of those users were just curious about a shiny new thing and are now just lurking, inactive, in the background?”

Threads has undeniably made a strong initial impact. However, its long-term sustainability is yet to be determined. From a paid social perspective, we may have to wait for Meta to position Threads for public conversation before any advertising opportunities emerge. Meanwhile, creators and brands have quickly adapted, using Threads as a place to provide more personal insights and experiences. Brands such as Netflix, Bravo, MLB, Pretty Little Things, Aldi UK, Cult Beauty, and ASOS have already taken the plunge into the Threads universe, sparking conversations with their audiences through engaging content.

In this blog, we explore everything we know about Threads so far, its potential impact on the marketing landscape, and whether it truly signifies the rise of decentralisation in social media.

The Human Touch: Acknowledging the Humanity of Brands

In recent times, brands have realised the importance of showcasing the people behind their social media presence. This approach adds personality and authenticity to a brand, demystifying its backend and bridging the gap between corporate culture and genuine human connection. Threads, in its essence, encourages this humanistic approach, inspiring brands and creators to share more about themselves and their stories, making their presence more relatable to their audiences. 

Seamless Integration and Userbase Advantage

One of Threads’ most significant advantages is its seamless integration with Instagram, leveraging the already established userbase of the latter. This integration provides an effortless transition for users, eliminating the need to build followers and platforms from scratch. 

Unlike other microblogging platforms, Threads has managed to remove the barriers to entry, positioning itself as a viable contender to Twitter. As a result, Twitter has seen a 50% decline in ad revenue, indicating Threads’ potential to disrupt the social media landscape.

Missing Features and Limitations

While Threads offers a promising start, it currently lacks some essential features that marketers have grown accustomed to on other platforms. There’s no discovery page, no hashtags, and no trending topics or search function. The absence of an API also means community managers have to manually monitor engagement and sentiment. This limitation might deter some brands from fully embracing Threads as part of their social media strategy.

Decentralization Takes Center Stage

Threads is also gaining attention for its association with decentralisation.

“Our plan is to make Threads part of the fediverse – a social network of different servers operated by third parties that are connected and can communicate with each other. Our vision is that Threads will enable you to communicate with people on other fediverse platforms that we don’t own or control. This means that your Threads profile can follow and be followed by people using different servers on the fediverse.” – Meta

Threads’ imminent integration with the ActivityPub protocol suggests a move towards decentralisation. Although there are debates about the platform’s true decentralisation, it has brought the concept into the mainstream, possibly leading to the widespread adoption of more decentralised platforms.

The Organic Growth Advantage

While traditional social media advertising faces resistance, Threads’ emphasis on organic reach could be a game-changer for marketers. As users willingly follow brands they like, it opens doors for organic strategies to foster genuine connections and brand loyalty. The rise of organic growth is expected to deliver better returns on investment and redefine the way brands interact with their audiences.

A Positive Space for Brands

Threads’ focus on healthy conversation sets it apart from other platforms that thrive on conflicts and negativity. It encourages brands to concentrate on fun and positivity, which aligns with the spirit of decentralization. Brands can use this platform as a gateway to show a more vulnerable and authentic side without the intimidation associated with some other decentralized platforms.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Threads and Influencer Marketing

Threads, the new social media platform from Meta, has arrived with much anticipation and intrigue. While its limitations and lack of certain features may raise concerns for some brands, it undoubtedly offers exciting potential for those seeking to humanise their online presence and foster more authentic connections with their audience.

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of social media and influencer marketing, Threads represents a potentially pivotal moment in the rise of decentralisation and organic growth. As experts in the field, we recommend keeping a close eye on Threads’ development and potential integration with other decentralised platforms. The marketing strategies that thrive in this evolving space will be those that embrace the human element, focus on authenticity, and adapt to the changing paradigms of social media.

So, whether Threads will indeed become the Twitter killer or lead the way towards decentralization remains to be seen. But if we read between the lines on Twitter’s big news yesterday announcing their major rebrand, this could be taken as a huge sign that Twitter is starting to sweat. So Thread lovers, if you’re a brand seeking to add a touch of authenticity and vulnerability to your social media presence, Threads presents a promising opportunity that should not be overlooked.

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Threads enters the chat: Everything you need to know about Meta’s Twitter contender.

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