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Written by - Sofia Melo

Tropicália revived: Unraveling the threads of PatBO’s SS24 show at NYFW.


Recently, our US team worked with PatBo, one of Latin America’s most prestigious haute couture brands, to define and deliver a story for their Spring/Summer ‘24 collection’s debut at New York Fashion Week. So without further ado, here’s your exclusive backstage pass to the show that everyone’s talking about. 

Tropicália: A cultural revolution redefined.

Before we delve in, let’s rewind to the early 1970s. This was a time when Brazil burst onto the global stage in a world-changing celebration of the nation’s creativity and cultural exploration. The movement was called Tropicália, and the people behind it were Brazilian artists who, seeking to shatter preconceived notions and break free from the stereotypical caricatures of Brazilian culture – think Carmen Miranda’s iconic fruit-laden headpiece – came together to boldly showcase their unique musical rhythms, visual artistry, literature, filmmaking and so much more to the world. Their work sparked a cultural explosion that continues to inspire Brazilian art, music and fashion today.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and a new Brazilian renaissance is taking place before our eyes. And right at the heart of it? PatBO. 

In case you haven’t heard of them, PatBO debuted at NYFW in 2021 and became an instant favourite of the international fashion scene. Founded by Patricia Bonaldi, who is also creative director, PatBo is known for their Brazilian roots, unique approach to craftsmanship, and effortless blend of comfort and glamour. In 2023, they turned to us to help create a narrative for their SS24 collection that would make waves at NYFW. 


Delivering a unique narrative for PatBO’s SS24 NYFW show.

The show, sponsored exclusively by Brazilian brands, spotlit a 70’s inspired collection featuring Brazilian embroidery. So, recognising that throughline, our team produced a narrative platform rooted in Brazilian history – and our research brought us to the rich story of Tropicália. From a lace and feather pantsuit to hand-beaded separates, the collection’s volumes, colors, and structures evoke the uniquely Brazilian spirit of the movement. 

As an homage to that transformative era, we worked with the PatBO team to bring the story of Tropicália to life for their SS24 runway show, from designing original typography for save the dates, to runway design, to designing new looks inspired by icons of the Tropicália movement. 

As a result, the brand saw a noticeable lift in engagement from last year’s NYFW content, and inspired conversations about the brand amongst high value influencers. So, here’s to Tropicália, to PatBO, and to the enduring allure of Brazil’s rich cultural tapestry. 

patbo 3

As we ride the momentum of NYFW, we can’t help but celebrate the revival of Tropicália’s vibrant spirit, and how it seamlessly aligned with PatBO’s authentic Brazilian narrative. At MG Empower, we take pride in our ability to craft compelling stories that connect the past with the present, and we’re excited to see how this journey continues to inspire not just fashion but culture itself.

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Tropicália revived: Unraveling the threads of PatBO’s SS24 show at NYFW.

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