Influencer Network.

We empower creativity.

There’s someone out there for everyone. Every different brand, no matter how niche, has an influencer perfectly suited to their specific values and message. We can help you find them. We are the glue that binds brands and people together.

TikTok. Instagram. Twitch. YouTube. Snapchat. We have relationships with powerful global voices on every platform you can think of, and on some of the ones you can’t.

If you are influencer, join here our community of creators and be part of MG Empower’s database, to be considered for upcoming campaigns.

Our Brand Influencer Network.

When we help you speak, the world really does listen. Social platforms can carry your message to communities all over the planet. Our network allows brands to have global reach potential with localised impact.

Our influencer network by numbers:





Every culture. Every category.

We work across various categories and subcultures to source voices that reach your target audiences. Using our data, we can help you identify the exact influencers you need to target the audience for your brand.

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Impactful storytelling.

No matter the size.

From large scale campaigns with micro-influencers to one off celebrity activations, we’ve got you covered.

We work with influencers across all tiers and are experts at determining and advising on the best campaign scale strategy to ensure that your brand message is translated into impactful storytelling and business results.







We know the real value of influencers.

We work smart to identify matches that are authentic and spot-on for your brand.

Using proprietary performance data informed by years of experience executing influencer programs in over 40 territories, our in-house influencer CRM allows us to detect fraud and effectively identify influencers who hold genuine engagement with audiences, ultimately informing optimised strategies and results.

Authenticity is the centre of everything we do.

Our commitment to ensuring authentic connections across the industry is reflected in everything we do.

We go beyond data and explore how consumers are interacting with influencers so we can discover where the real touchpoints are for encouraging authentic connections with your audience.

We call this ‘Social Listening’, which ultimately informs our authentic match-making process.

This is how we preserve authenticity within the realm of influencer marketing.