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Global strategy and creative.

We lead by strategy.

Does your brand want to spark a conversation, tap into a community or simply drive sales? Or all three at once? Our experts seamlessly blend data-driven strategy with creative concepting to make it happen – anywhere in the world.


Your purpose drives our strategy. What story do you want to tell?






Competitor benchmarking, market research and localised intelligence help us understand how your brand’s narrative fits into your target audiences and regional markets.


We’re fully integrated. So collaborating with MG Studio, MG Media and our data scientists at MG Platform ensures we’re fully exploring all sides of the story: every channel, medium and opportunity.


MG Studio       MG Media       MG Platform

We work with influencers to co-create a response that’s organically synced up with your brand’s message and optimised across the right regions and channels, on or offline, for maximum impact.




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MG Media.
MG Studio.
MG Platform.
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MG Sprint.

Co-create your next solution, fast.

Our bespoke co-creation service helps brands and businesses innovate quickly by activating a three-day immersive workshop with an all-star team of collaborators.


MG Sprint

How can we empower your brand?


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