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The data behind
the stories.

Built by a world-class team of Data Scientists and Analysts, our proprietary platform uses AI and ML-generated analytics to help you tap into your digital ecosystem.


Data underpins everything we do, from strategy to activation and post-campaign reporting.

MG Platform provides next-level insights and analytics for all parts of the powerhouse (MG Influencer, MG Media, MG Studio and MG Talent). This powerful engine helps us understand, analyse and maximise your story’s impact from every angle.



MG Platform for brands: data carries the key to #AboveAndBeyond storytelling.

Analysing the metadata (data about data) behind a campaign allows us to understand the complex relationships between brand, content and consumers. These insights inform not only the story we tell but how, where and why we tell it.

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MG Platform for influencers: leverage data to take control of your digital presence.

Data empowers the creator. We use MG Platform to help talents demystify analytics, power up their content and grow their brands – thanks to this elevated experience, the people we represent at MG Talent know their worth.

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Harness metadata to predict and
prescribe campaign outcomes with unrivalled accuracy.

Working with comprehensive real-time data flow on the most granular level, we can anticipate and prevent complex issues before they occur – and quickly pivot when something isn’t working.



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