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Biossance Miami Experience
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Launching the first-ever Biossance store with influencers and an immersive experience in Miami.

Miami was the place chosen by Biossance to open its first-ever brick-and-mortar store. So, to raise awareness and ensure it landed with a bang, we developed and executed a high-impact integrated strategy – combining influencer marketing with a three-day immersive experience in the city.

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Promote the opening of the first Biossance store by creating buzz across social, influencer and IRL.

Biossance already had customers in Miami. But, as this was the brand’s first-ever brick-and-mortar store, our challenge was to immerse the city into the brand’s world, and transform the perception that Biossance is an online-only experience. Our secondary objective was to leverage the store’s opening as a hook to launch and promote a new product: the Copper Plumping Serum.

Phase one: The Biossance Experience.

The strategy was executed in two phases, beginning with an immersive, three-day experience involving a series of IRL activations for key influencers to attend and share with their audiences: a welcome massage, a museum exhibit, a yoga session, and a dinner under a shark aquarium – the perfect place to tell the brand’s unique ingredient story.

Brand experts educated our influencers on the sustainable science behind the products’ ingredients, equipping them with the tools they needed to effectively bring their audiences along with them into the Biossance universe.





Phase two: Tap to Plump It.

In the second phase, we used multi-tier influencers to announce the launch of a new Biossance product in tandem with its Miami store: the Copper Plumping Serum. They featured product-in-use on camera and showcased its instant plump effect on skin through before-and-after frames.

Creative experiences generated creative influencer content and earned media went through
the roof.

The brand’s first-ever physical store created a new way for people to engage with Biossance – so the experience we created did the same. Having diverse influencers in unique settings led to highly creative, storytelling content and a huge influx of complementary User Generated Content (UGC). All testament to the authenticity of our influencers’ storytelling.


Online buzz spread far and wide.

Not only did we get people in Miami heading out in droves to experience Biossance IRL for the first time ever, but we also used the store as a touchpoint to create buzz online that was effectively spread throughout the US by our amplifiers.

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