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4U by Tia: A Co-Creation
#4UbyTia: A co-creation #4UbyTia: A co-creation #4UbyTia: A co-creation #4UbyTia: A co-creation
#4UbyTia: A co-creation

Co-creating a launch and brand strategy for 4U by Tia with influencers, experts and Tia Mowry.

Tia Mowry, actor, celebrity and mother, came to MG Empower to develop and launch 4U by Tia, a haircare brand she created for the natural hair community. Wanting to incorporate the voices, perspectives and concerns of the community, we activated our co-creation methodology to craft a powerful message, brand voice and go-to-market strategy that made 4U by Tia land with a splash.



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Create and prototype an authentic brand and go-to-market strategy to launch Tia4U.

Our mission was to make Tia4U the leading clean haircare brand for the natural hair community by delivering a solution that leveraged a powerful narrative to earn, nurture and connect with the community – wherever they are in their haircare journey. Beyond core messaging, we also needed to define the full consumer experience: manifesto, channel strategy (including D2C and POS), market strategy, the Education Platform and full-cycle communications.



Build a brand that would resonate with everyone in the natural hair community.

First and foremost, Tia Mowry is a family person and a proud member of the natural hair community. So, she wanted to make sure that Tia4U would provide clean haircare and education for everyone – agnostic of gender and generation – so that it could have the biggest impact on her community.




Use co-creation to peel back the layers of the natural hair community’s lived experiences.

We brought together seventeen leading voices and strategic minds from the Black beauty and natural hair community – including Tia herself – for one week in Palm Springs to learn from their experiences and perspectives. The conversation was as wide and inclusive as possible, thanks largely to the influencers we invited to the table. Once they were immersed in the project, they created content in order to elicit real-time feedback and insights so that our audience’s voice could be baked right into the brand – and to lay the foundations of a successful brand launch by driving hype and awareness well before Tia 4 U went to market.

Co-creation proved to be an incredibly powerful tool – impacting everything from product formulation to Tone of Voice.

This insight-driven, co-creative process led to a powerful vision for the brand and how it would come to life, putting these inspiring and influential minds at the heart of the process – resulting in a narrative that helped Tia’s brand land with a splash. We even decided to change the formulation of one of the products based on the feedback from the room.

By having that open conversation, we were able to truly unpick the community’s wants and needs and build a brand that resonated, giving it the insights and ideals it needed to truly stand out as one of the most authentically crafted natural haircare brands out there.





4U by Tia today: A qualitative and quantitative success.

As testament to the power of co-creation, the influencers’ Stories, Livestreams and Reels content from the co-creation process generated a 9% engagement rate (based on a total reach of 166,000) and incredibly positive sentiment analysis – which demonstrated the audience’s emotional engagement with both medium and message.

Since launching, 4U by Tia has received multiple awards, critical acclaim and countless press features. All the influencers involved in the original co-creation process have gone on to be part of subsequent social campaigns – leveraging their deep connection with the brand to continue telling its story and drive long-term awareness.

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