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Written by - Sophia Bunker

The Power-Up Series is back – get ready for the 6th edition.


This time of year can only mean one thing – MG Empower’s annual event, The Power-Up Series. Every year, we bring industry professionals together to hear from experts and famous brands about big ideas, topics and trends in the world of marketing.

This year, we’re super excited to announce the focus of this edition:

How to power-up your 2024 community building strategy with data and storytelling.

Across three jam-packed panels, we’ll be unpacking all aspects of this topic, leaning on the fundamentals of storytelling, co-creation, data and consumer experiences  – equipping you with the knowledge on how to effectively build brand communities in 2024.

But why is this topic important to you and your brand? Well, we’ve been keeping an extra close eye on the development of brand communities, helping to launch, build and monitor them for global brands along the way.

There’s been a huge shift in the development and establishment of these communities – like changes in purchase behaviour, engagement, cultural impact and trends. More and more we see a huge uplift in research into ‘community building’ – across all types of industries. 

It’s for this reason we feel like now is the perfect time to unpick this topic even further, making sure you’re perfectly equipped to navigate this landscape and know how to build and nurture relationships that drive impact way beyond social media engagement.

We’ve broken down the topic into three pivotal areas; panels include:


Panel 1  |  7:10pm

The Evolution of the Community Economy in the Data-Driven Era.

  • Andrea Cortes, Senior Innovation Manager – MG Empower
  • Sonya Gonzalez Mier, Author & former Global Account Manager at TikTok


Panel 2  |  7:50pm

What’s Next for Co-Creation and Storytelling?

  • Maira Genovese, Founder & CEO – MG Empower
  • Marta Biino, Reporter – Insider


Panel 3  |  8:30pm

Data, Tech and The New Age of Consumer Experiences.

  • Jonathan Aina, Head of Platform – MG Empower


More panellists revealed soon!


This year will be even more special as it’s the first time we’re opening our incredible HQ to the public, and as well as the insightful panels, we’ll be hosting a networking moment after the event – with cocktails and canapés on our central London rooftop, beautifully catered by our Brazilian partners Finotaste.


Wednesday, 1st November | 7pm-10pm

MG Empower HQ | 10-11 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0DP


Secure your spot to join in.

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