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Meet the team.

We’re a diverse collective of strategists, scientists and storytellers. Get to know our leadership team here.

Maira Genovese
Founder and President.

Maira has been empowering people and brands for over twenty years. Her insight and expertise in marketing and influence – from talent management to strategic advisory for global brands – have cemented her position as an international innovator who’s constantly reshaping the industry.

Bruno Genovese
General Manager.

Bruno is a global leader in digital innovation with a history of transforming corporations. Currently, his expertise in generating long-term growth is leading our agency through its expansion.

Raphael Bouquillon
Managing Director, New York.

Raphael is a digital marketing and advertising specialist with 17 years’ experience working with some of the world’s best-known brands. He’s now spearheading the agency’s New York office, developing partnerships and assembling a world-class team.

Paula Albuquerque
Head of MG Influencer.

Part of our original founding team, Paula joined the agency in 2017 with 10 years’ experience in the influencer and social marketing space. She drives influence and innovation and serves as key advisor to our global clients.

Lucy Walker
Head of MG Media.

Lucy leverages her vast experience in developing integrated digital and media strategies for brands internationally, to find and strike the balance between strategic insight, business priorities and consumer demands, and deliver real business outcomes for our clients.

Gabriela Gavinelli
Head of MG Studio.

Leveraging a passion for digital and over 17 years’ experience in publishing, advertising and media production, Gabriela leads the MG Studio team, developing groundbreaking content and experiences for brands, talents and internal stakeholders.

Jonathan Aina
Head of MG Platform.

Jonathan is spearheading the development of our proprietary tech platform, drawing on his rich experience as a scrum master, full-stack developer and Data ETL expert with a specialism in various AI and ML techniques.

Siang Ng
Head of MG Talent.

Siang is a seasoned executive with more than 10 years of digital marketing experience, specialising in influencer marketing and talent management globally, all of which he lovingly pours into his role as Head of MG Talent.

Alex Frey
Head of Brand Partnerships. 

From roles in PR, influencer and marketing agencies to here, Alex has helped a multitude of brands grow their business for the last eight years. As Head of Brand Partnerships, he’s knuckled down on expanding our client portfolio internationally.

Joe McElligott
Strategy Director.

As Strategy Director, Joe’s fingers are on the pulse of every strategy we develop. His vast breadth of digital and brand strategy experience has made him passionate about using data to inform creativity and optimise campaigns – never boring, always unique.

Ben Lawrence
Finance and Operations Director.

Ben heads up the Finance and Operations team here at MG Empower. He has a wealth of commercial experience, having worked at some of the biggest creative agencies in the world, all bundled up into one winning personality with which we’ve all fallen in love.

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