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We’re back.

Experts at the ready, our London and New York teams are busy preparing their return to Austin for this year’s SXSW. Taking to the stage for a second time, we can’t wait to meet you all in-person and get stuck in.

2023 has just begun, and we’re already seeing so many companies seeking creative ways to drive impact and needing guidance on navigating new technologies. MG Empower is ready to tackle that challenge, and there’s no better setting to do so than SXSW.






We're back.

Our session: Storytelling for Cultural Credibility in Web 3.0

The clock is ticking. Every day that passes brings us one step closer to the omnipresence of Web 3.0, but understanding this decentralised dynamic well enough to build authentic communities and strong positioning can be challenging.

Join us as our Founder & President, Maira Genovese, takes the stage to share our data-driven perspective on building strong communities and positioning in next-gen internet spaces. We’ll delve into the value of data and storytelling to establish your brand effectively and authentically in this new decentralised dynamic.

We’ll also touch on:

Developing narratives that go beyond capturing attention

Consistent positioning across diverse cultural scenarios

Human connection and data as the essence of storytelling

Fostering, nurturing and engaging new formats of online communities

Secure your ticket below and add our session to your agenda.


Meet with us.

Meet with us.

We’ll have boots on the ground in Austin from 11th – 15th March. If you’re looking for help with your next big project, or just want to say hello, then book a slot with one of our experts to learn how we can empower your brand to go #AboveAndBeyond.





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