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Influencer amplification.

Born from an influencer agency.

We are specialists in aligning media best practices with creators to amplify content across social channels and beyond. Blending creative influencer thinking with media expertise to build campaigns that appear at key moments of influence.

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Maximise impact and efficiency by incorporating influencer content into your media mix.

Leveraging influencer content within the awareness and consideration phases allows brands to build credibility with new audiences, and identify new audience segments that can be targeted through dynamic ads.


Extend reach and build consideration by targeting new audience segments that align with selected influencers.

We can also leverage influencer content to maintain engagement of new audiences, featuring the influencer in retargeted ads and dedicated landing pages to help drive consumer exploration and evaluation of products.

MG Influencer.

Telling brand stories.

End-to-end influencer marketing strategies. We tap into audiences by connecting the dots between your brand and creators who are good at telling your story.


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