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Stripes: A co-creation 
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Co-creating the launch of Stripes in the US.

MG Empower was given the exciting mission of co-creating a launch strategy and brand identity for Stripes – Naomi Watts’ menopause management brand, dedicated to changing the way people navigate and talk about menopause. So we organised a co-creative experience that brought diverse members of the menopause community together to have their voices heard, listened to and embodied in Stripes – which has continued to make waves in global culture.



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Turn a science-backed line of products into a brand – and a movement – with a winning launch strategy for the US.

Stripes is a menopause wellness brand, founded by Oscar-winning actor Naomi Watts in collaboration with Amyris Inc. They came to us with a mission: a complete brand positioning playbook, including narrative, mission statement and manifesto, and a go-to-market strategy to launch in the US.


Get people talking about a difficult subject.

Stripes couldn’t be seen as ‘just another celebrity wellness brand’. Naomi and her team wanted it to function as more than that: a support system that could spark meaningful dialogue, contribute to the global de-stigmatisation of menopause, and help people going through menopause feel less alone.


Activate our co-creative methodology with menopause experts, brand leaders, influencers and creatives – and Naomi herself.

Over three days, we brought together an all-star team to develop insights and discover the voice of Stripes. The experience also generated content which snowballed into connections and cultural credibility that lasted long after it ended, thanks to influencers bridging the gap between brand and community by engaging their online audiences in real-time.


A breakthrough insight shaped the brand’s launch and identity.

Our team’s contributions led to a breakthrough insight: though many people were uncomfortable discussing menopause, an even bigger proportion wanted to learn about it. On that basis, we discovered that Stripes had to become a safe space that could break the stigma and offer resources for people experiencing menopause, which endures as the creative idea behind Stripes, from launch and strategy to mission and TOV.

Our strategy has made Stripes the fastest growing menopause brand in the world.

Extensive PR coverage (Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar, WWD, Women’s Health, Oprah Daily, Purist, Fashionista, Mail Online and more) indicated and boosted the brand’s cultural impact. Influencer content, which invited audiences to join the conversation, led to over 5M impressions in the first two months after launch, +118K Instagram followers, a viral TikTok in the first 24 hours, and an overall EMV of $624.8K.

Beyond the numbers, our sentiment analysis revealed an ultra-positive audience response in the US, sparking many important conversations and demonstrating the brand’s effectiveness in connecting with the menopause community.





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