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Pipette #LoveYourHands
#LoveYourHands #LoveYourHands #LoveYourHands #LoveYourHands

Launching a new hand care range for Pipette with on brand, US-based influencer content.

MG Empower teamed up with Pipette to drive awareness in the USA for the launch of their new hand care range. #LoveYourHands, a multi-platform campaign led by 21 US-based influencers, focused on the brand’s clean benefits – bringing fanfare to hand care as well as engagement rates that exceeded expectations.

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Promote the range and educate US audiences on the products’ clean ingredients and benefits.

Pipette is all about clean, safe and sustainable products. So, to amplify and build hype around Pipette’s new range while educating audiences and increasing brand equity in the hand care space, we were given the task of executing a cultural-voice-driven campaign that gave the brand’s key message new life.

Give Pipette’s clean ingredients the space they deserve with a uniquely engaging hero message: love your hands.

Rather than giving the haters more air-time, we wanted our influencers to champion the positive message behind Bumble’s decision. So we asked a range of macro and mid-tier influencers, with cultural authority in diverse online spaces, to spark and participate in an empowering conversation around the importance of feeling confident and loving our authentic selves. Their content was engaging and informative but also fun and light-hearted – proving the ability of Bumble’s message to resonate with the full spectrum of lived experience.







Engage cultural voices to get hands-on with Pipette and promote the hashtag.

Parenting, lifestyle, beauty and beyond – diverse influencers with authority in narrow niches expanded the campaign’s reach and meaning. Sharing educational content around the products’ ingredients, their content positioned the range as the most effective, safe and sustainable hand care products available on the US market.

A viral TikTok and industry-breaking engagement rates effectively drove new levels of awareness for Pipette’s new range.

#LoveYourHands made a huge impression on Pipette’s key US consumers, with influencers successfully building hype around the brand’s hand care range and one TikTok – created by a mother-daughter shared account @brufava – going viral (4.6M views) within the activation period. Overall, creative, educational and narrative-driven content effectively amplified both brand engagement and product awareness in the target region, driving a very high engagement rate across both TikTok and Instagram.






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