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LELO #LELOveYourself
#LELOveYourself #LELOveYourself #LELOveYourself #LELOveYourself

Driving brand awareness for LELO in the UK with empowering and educational influencer content.

Luxury sex toy brand LELO asked MG Empower to help them drive brand awareness in the UK, we knew this campaign had the potential to go viral. And it did. Working with diverse influencers to create an equally diverse range of empowering, on brand content, we effectively spread the brand’s self-love message throughout the UK and drove click-through rates that blew industry averages out the water.

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Educate and empower women on the importance of self-love to drive brand awareness in the UK.

LELO prides itself on providing a unique and empowering experience for all its users, with a huge focus on educating their consumers around sexual wellness, health and prioritising pleasure. So they challenged MG Empower to build an influencer-centric campaign around their core narrative – affirming, educating and entertaining audiences to break the self-love taboo.

Work with influencers to create a mix of long and short-form content, seamlessly integrated with LELO’s messaging.

This campaign had the potential to go viral. So we procured influencers from diverse cultural backgrounds and gender identities, with platforms recognised for their credibility in the self-love space, to expand our reach and give consumers every point of access to the brand. Then we gave them an open brief to create empowering, entertaining and educational content – long-form on YouTube overlaid with short-form Reels and Stories on Instagram – hooked around the #LELOveYourself narrative.






Fantastic sentiment and #AboveAndBeyond engagement across the board.

The open narrative gave influencers free reign to get creative with their concepts – while some chose comedy sketch-style content, others made day-in-the-life videos and sit-down ‘girl chats’ for YouTube – and allowed influencers to tackle the subject in ways authentic to them.


All of this led to an incredibly positive reception to #LELOveYourself in both target markets (Germany and the UK), a very high engagement rate of 11.6% and a click-through rate (CTR) of 3.28% – well-above the industry average.

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