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Storytelling is in
our DNA.

People connect with stories. So we connect the dots between your brand and creators who are good at telling your story. Tapping into personalities and platforms that touch your customers at every stage of their journey, using data and insights to position the narrative.

An integrated approach to influence, from livestreaming to out-of-home and beyond.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional influencer marketing. We integrate influence with content production, data and paid media to reach more diverse audiences with even more engaging content across all the right channels.

Strategies fashioned by intelligence.

Our creative strategists are experts at identifying and amplifying your brand’s narrative in collaboration with MG Platform. Our proprietary platform uses the latest AI and ML techniques to take your story #AboveAndBeyond, informing everything from creative direction and influencer procurement to channel optimisation and KPIs.


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Global influence

Unrivalled database of 3M+ global influencers.

Our influencer database spans nano, micro, mid, macro, mega and celebrity tiers. So we search every tier to find the people who most authentically resonate with your audience, brand and message.



Influencer campaigns for any sector,
any vibe, anywhere.








Food & beverage.



Efficiency unlocked
by data.

MG Platform allows us to make smarter, faster decisions at any stage in your influencer marketing campaign – even when it’s live.
Unlock ROI in collaboration with our data scientists and media planning experts.

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Transparent and agile campaign process.

We work as an extension of your team. Track campaign progress in real-time and build intelligent ambassador programs that unlock new campaign phases when pre-selected performance metrics are reached. 

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